Z Bar T Cow Camp

Take a step back in time. Join the Welborns when they trail cattle to their high mountain summer pasture, or when they gather and move their cow-calf pairs to new grazing areas throughout the summer. The Z Bar T cattle range consists of 20,000 acres of beautiful wide open landscape in a remote corner of southwestern Montana. The range land is ringed by the Lima Peaks towering over 10,000 feet. The scenic beauty will make your jaw drop. As Mona says, “We’ve lived here all our lives and sometimes it is still hard to keep our eyes on the trail.”

In Montana, some of the toughest cowboys are cowgirls! Building on a spirited past, Mona is the fourth generation Welborn to ranch in Montana. Heritage and love of the ranching way of life keeps her following in the footsteps of her father. From June through October Mona rides herd on her family’s cattle. Join her if you are tough enough!

There is no better way to see Montana than from the back of a good horse. Escape to the heart of cattle country where you can ride open ranges, and work cattle, while enjoying the peace and charm of the cowboy life. This is it—the best of the Old West. Long days in the saddle designed for experienced riders or intermediate riders who want to “cowboy up.”


  • Cow Camp’s summer begins on June 10th when the cattle get off the trucks in Dell, Montana (population 35.) Then the cow-calf pairs are trailed the eight miles to the grazing area fittingly named Hidden Pasture. Throughout the summer, pasture rotation includes gathering and trailing cattle to grazing areas with names like Sourdough Creek Bottom, Timber Butte, and Contours Pasture.
  • Only one or two riders are invited at a time, so make your reservations early.
  • Cow Camp Working Ranch Vacations are typically scheduled for three consecutive days or extended to five or six days with a mid-stay excursion designed as a rest day for the horses. Guests who choose the Extended Stay may elect to stay in camp for the day off, but everyone usually heads back to town for a real shower (a 1 ½ hour drive north to Dillon.)
  • We recommend a visit to nearby Bannack, the first territorial capital and home to Montana’s first gold strike. Bannack is a history-rich ghost town.


  • A rustic cabin located along the creek serves as Cow Camp headquarters at an elevation of ~7,000 feet. While accommodations are remote and there is no indoor plumbing, the setting and experience is a dream come true for anyone “cowboy enough” to value an authentic cow camp adventure and savor delicious camp cooking.


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