Roundup, Montana

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kombolOle time, honest to goodness family ranching; lots of space, peace and quiet. Kombols homesteaded this ranch in 1909--rolling native prairie and vast blue sky stretching toward the Little Snowy and the Big Snowy Mountains to the west. Today Terry and Cathy Kombol work side by side on the ranch while the fourth generation of Kombols are making plans to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers.

Enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere and wide-ranging ranch activities that combine to capture and enrich the lives of guests. The Kombols have just about everything one could ask for -- cattle, horses, sheep, goats, a donkey named Hombre and working border collies. Family and friends eat hearty ranch meals featuring natural ranch-raised beef and lamb.

The Ranch Operation has that days-gone-by feeling


When you book, you book the entire ranch because they only take one group at a time even if it is just one person. Guests have options in terms of lodging:

Kombol Ranch Montana Cattle Drive

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